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The Architect

The Architect started his crypto journey in 2017 as a professional trader. He was an early investor in Chainlink, THORchain and several other DeFi Protocols.

An Amsterdam native, the architect has studied 1,000s of projects in the space and chose to build his own project based on his learnings. AQTIS is everything he would have wanted from a project as a user, investor and Web3 native.

The architect is responsible for the overall vision of AQTIS and its ecosystem design. Outside of Web3, the Architect loves exploring healthy lifestyles and ways of improving mindsets. He has 19 years experience in meditation and spiritual practice and is a mean cook.
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The Quant

The Quant started playing with crypto in 2017 - while he was working at a bank helping to build datasets and metrics to improve business performance.

In 2021, the Quant caught the crypto bug and decided to dive into the space full time. While helping hedge funds create investment strategies he stumbled upon the idea of creating a tokenized ecosystem that delivered yield to investors, freeing them up to spend time on other pursuits. So the Quant, alongside the Coder and the Architect, started AQTIS.

His role in the team is to build the quant investment strategies that fuel the AQTIS ecosystem. This is the backbone of what makes the AQTIS promise possible.

When he’s not working with The Analyst to harness AI and machine learning, the Quant enjoys travel, CrossFit and spending time with family and friends.
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The Coder

The Coder has been a software developer since 2001, and has worked on projects for large companies and institutions across the telecom, healthcare, government, b2b and retail industries.

Another Amsterdam native, he worked as Web3/Solidity developer for NFT projects and artists before taking the leap into the unknown with The Architect and The Quant to start AQTIS. The Coder is responsible for developing a platform typically only available to major financial institutions and making it accessible to the general public.

Outside of AQTIS, the Coder spends his time building lego, following his favourite football team (AFC Ajax) and entertaining his dogs.
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The Analyst

The Analyst is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence with a Ph.D in the subject and has held associate professor roles at several universities. He has honed his skills on cutting-edge projects for Google, MIT, Telefonica and Bank of America and he has led multiple AI-related Proof of Concepts (PoCs) at a prominent multinational technology company.

Based in Spain, the Analyst is focused on improving our current predictive algorithms. Not only that, he plays a vital role in helping to optimize returns while minimizing risks. His inclusion in our team is not just an addition of a member, but a strategic alignment with our dedication to our mission.

Outside of work, the analyst spends time with his family. He’s also an avid football fan, keenly following the Spanish league. The Analyst also has a passion for collecting wines and watches.

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The Marketeer

The Marketer started his crypto journey a decade ago, his curiosity first piqued by Bitcoin in its early days. Since then, he has worked as head of social media for a variety of projects since 2017.

First plying his trade on crypto news sites, he switched to work on a Tier 1 blockchain project, leading all social efforts for the Foundation, but also helped ecosystem projects reach their audiences.

Another Amsterdam native, the Marketeer is responsible for how AQTIS communicates with the world, ensuring the community has access to all the information it needs to see how powerful AQTIS really is.

When not working at AQTIS, the Marketeer enjoys football, snowboarding and travelling.
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The Writer

The writer has spent more than two decades working as a journalist for newspapers, magazines, and websites. He jumped into the crypto space in late 2017, and ended up launching one of the largest web3 media companies.

Since then he has worked on a layer 1 blockchain leading all content creation, but now helps AQTIS refine its tone of voice, and produce content consistently every week that is simple and easy to understand. Even this sentence.

The Writer is based in the UK, and spends his free time working in the mental health space helping people overcome emotional challenges and restoring a vintage Land Rover.
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The Designer

The Designer has been working in Web3 for years freelancing for various projects across the DeFi ecosystem, working on everything from logo designs to UI and UX.

Based in the Netherlands, the Designer, when not responsible for all visuals at AQTIS and making sure all our touch points are on-brand, spends his time diving deep into the technology that powers the AQTIS ecosystem.

He is currently completing his studies at Art school, and spends what remaining free time he has travelling and practicing martial arts.
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The Planner

The Planner has a background in computer science, and has worked as a Solidity developer and technical consultant in crypto across two continents since 2017.

A Dutchie currently situated in Milan, the Planner has also plied her trade working as a Business Analyst in the Dutch financial sector. At AQTIS, the Planner focuses on project management, timeline coordination, and overall operations for a smooth period towards launch in Q1 2024.

When not helping the team hit milestones, the Planner studies political philosophy at university.
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The Connector

The Connector is an OG in the world of community management. His journey started in 2017, contributing to the THORChain community. He transitioned over to the protocol side and worked for four years deepening his understanding of community management.

The Connector also has experience working in content creation, social media management and marketing. He also helped build THORNOOBs, a third-party educational initiative dedicated to improving understanding of THORChain.

At AQTIS, the Connector is a contributing member of the team - and acts as a bridge between what happens inside AQTIS and the AQTIS community. He helps distribute information to our Aqtivators, but also helps shape content, marketing and how the project communicates with the world.

When not working at AQTIS, the India-based Connector enjoys gaming, watching cricket and spending time with family.